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The New World

As lockdowns lessen in the coming weeks, we’ll be opening the doors to World 2.0. The New World should look quite different, a difference that provides pockets of air that can be filled by new companies and founders.

Before we dig into the changes, a few principles might guide thinking:

If you play that forward, I think you end up with a few things:

This might be the most volatile time in human history. Never before has the entire world changed behavior overnight. This dynamism creates real opportunity for startups, as they’re able to adopt faster than incumbents.

For every behavior shift where the alternative isn’t as good, there’s a company to be built! People want concerts now but nature won’t allow it. What’s the digital alternative? Restaurants might struggle to stay in business with social distancing laws. What are the online restaurants? What’s the new Zoom, an enterprise Snapchat that helps leads close sales? As Nat Friedman says, “video conferencing is a horseless carriage”.

A silver lining in the otherwise devastating story of COVID-19 is that it woke us up from our Great Nap. World 1.0 was calcifying, and nature just shattered the glass. We now have to rebuild anew.