The CC Intro

Make it easy for others to help you succeed. Empathize with the environment they’re in and adapt your request to require the minimal amount of effort.

Suppose you want an introduction.

I check my email. A lot. From my phone. To maximize your conversion rates, make it deadly easy for me to help you with 3–4 taps. Here’s an example of a frequent request I get:

iMessage: “Hey — could you introduce me to X?”

This isn’t good. Now I’ve got to:

  1. Remember to visit that iMessage later in the day (when I have spare time — assume you’ve interrupted me)
  2. Open my email
  3. Remember who you are again
  4. Compose an email to X, asking if they’d be interested in the intro
  5. Hit send
  6. Wait for X’s reply
  7. Assuming it’s positive, connect both of you on a new thread

Instead, I highly recommend sending something this:

Hey Daniel,

Could you introduce me to X? Just a CC on this email would be great!

Hi X, I’m [insert bio here]. 
I was hoping to talk to you because [insert very specific ask here].

When making your ask, be specific. And don’t write something I’d be embarrassed to send. Sometimes I’m asked to forward a blurb saying things like “you must to meet Y. They’re building an amazing product. It’s the next Facebook!”. If you overstate your message, I’ll just have to rewrite it myself. This decreases your conversion rate.

If you do it right, all the introducer needs to do is one forward (to confirm interest) and one CC. Minimal effort. Treat these interactions like a product — make it easy for your “users”.