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How To Interview: Asking for Specifics

Some minds are satisfied thinking in mushy concepts and unspecific terms. The joy of discussion is so strong they forget to mirror the experience of the counterparty, leaving them confused as to what we’re even talking about. Like a director of a film that was just too long. What scene are we in?

Others are unsatisfied with vague, never-ending narratives, desirous of thoughts with laser precision befitting the finest Lego block.

They have a weakness: usually slightly more introverted, orating for the purpose of conveying information, not just creating camaraderie. When they talk, they constantly ask themselves if the film they’re directing is entertaining to the audience of listeners. They take pride in speed and brevity.

These people are high in the “gettothepointplease” quotient.

It may be worth asking yourself — which bucket is your candidate in? Which bucket do you want them to be in? A salesperson may be best in the former, while a strategist the latter.