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Sales Incentives

The Complete Guide to Sales Force Incentive Compensation is the perfect beach companion for any founder growing their sales team for the first time.

The core IP of a great enterprise company is often the proper re-creation of free market dynamics within the sales org. Doing this properly and practicing good regulatory hygiene in keeping it fresh as geos and SKUs evolve is as important as your Kubernetes stack. (If not more!)

Here are some of my notes from the book, in case you didn’t want to wade through a textbook:

1. Get too creative with incentives and you’ll de-motivate the team:

2. Pay scales across industries:

3. Tradeoffs between salary and incentives. Which one is right for you?

4. Make the game feel achievable:

5. The “Four Measures Test”:

6. Turnover reasons are never what you expect:

7. The FedEx triplicate bonus, something to consider if you have multiple SKUs:

8. This is just funny to look at.

Non-financial motivating factors (note “Survival”):